Searching for fun things to do in St Croix at night? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

During my stay in St Croix I have discovered many hidden gems. I’ve put together this list on the best things to do at night to help you add more activities to your itinerary!

From night time kayaking to stargazing, there’s something on this list for you.

Here are the best things to do in St Croix at night. 

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Things To Do In St Croix At Night

1. Stroll along the Christiansted Boardwalk

Christiansted Harbor, St. Croix (Photo by: Karl Callwood)

During sunset, stroll along the Christiansted Boardwalk. This boardwalk has restaurants, gift shops, dive shops, and bars.

You’ll get to enjoy live music, spot large tarpons in the water, and get exceptional views of the harbor as the sun goes down.

Once you’re done exploring, stop by Nate’s Boathouse, Rum Runners, or Shupe’s on the Boardwalk for a sunset dinner. 

2. Savor mahi mahi tacos from Rhythms at Rainbow Beach 

fish tacos
Photo by: Nate Johnston

Head to Rhythms at Rainbow Beach for fish tacos and island drinks.

This small restaurant is steps away from the beach, and they serve some of the most delicious seafood in St Croix.

You’ll get to listen to live music, get spectacular views of Rainbow Beach during sunset, and try incredible food and drinks.

From mahi mahi tacos to frozen pina coladas, you won’t want to miss visiting this place (see their full menu).

They also have jet-ski rentals, lounge chair rentals and beach volleyball so it’s the perfect place to relax for the evening. 

3. Go on a catamaran sunset sail

sunset sail
Photo by: Fab Lentz

Enjoy live music and breathtaking views of the sunset over the ocean on a catamaran sail.

This catamaran tour starts in Frederiksted pier, and explores the surrounding beaches. You’ll get to listen to live music, order unlimited rum punch, and relax on a 63 ft catamaran.

Similar to the Christiansted Boardwalk, the Frederiksted pier has gift shops, restaurants, and bars. Once you’re done sailing, stop by Louie & Nachos beach bar for some of the best food on the island. 

4. Have a sunset picnic on Isaac Bay Beach

Sunset in St. Croix
Sunset in St. Croix

Have a picnic on Isaac Bay beach during the sunset. You can reach this beautiful secluded beach by taking a short 0.6 hike on a path that descends to the beach.

This beach is quiet, and has the most stunning views of the ocean on the island. 

5. Go on a night kayaking tour

bioluminescent bay
Bioluminescent jellyfish (Photo by: Billy Huynh)

Kayak through St Croix’s bioluminescent bay with Sea Thru Kayaks. You’ll get to spot jellyfish, and bioluminescent dinoflagellates on clear-bottomed kayaks.

Not only will you get spectacular views of the starlit sky, but you’ll get to see bioluminescent creatures in the ocean! 

6. Try shrimp pizza from the Mill

shrimp pizza
Shrimp scampi pizza (Photo by: Ryan Concepcion)

While you’re in St. Croix, make sure to try shrimp pizza from the Mill. The Mill is a small brick oven pizza shop located on the Christiansted Boardwalk.

From shrimp scampi pizza to rum cake ice cream, this restaurant is definitely worth trying out during your stay. They offer vegan and gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions as well. 

7. Stargaze at Point Udall

Starlit Sky in St Croix
St Croix’s starlit sky at night (Photo by: Der Nas)

Head to Point Udall to go stargazing at night.

Point Udall is the easternmost point of the United States, and is home to the U.S Millenium Monument – a monument built in 2000 to celebrate the time period!

You’ll get breathtaking views of the sea during sunset, and it’s one of the best places on the island to watch the stars. 

8. Try gooseberry ice cream from Armstrong’s Ice Cream

Drop by Armstrong’s Ice Cream to try delicious homemade ice cream. This small ice cream shop is minutes away from Sandy Point Beach, and they have many interesting flavors to try out.

From gooseberry to ginger nut ice cream, you won’t want to miss visiting this shop. They’re open daily till 7pm, and closed Mondays. 

9. Go horseback riding through the countryside

Countryside of St. Croix
St Croix’s countryside (Photo by: Drew Dempsey)

Go horseback riding in the evening to explore St Croix’s beautiful countryside. This horseback riding tour ventures out into the forest and pastures.

You’ll get to see wild animals, taste tropical fruit, take photos of an old sugar mill, and learn about the history from an enthusiastic tour guide.

They offer tours from 4pm to 5:30pm so it’s an excellent way to experience the sunset. 

Check Horseback Riding Tour Prices and Availability

10. Watch the sunset from Christiansted Bypass Overlook

Head to the Christiansted Bypass Overlook for unbeatable views of the harbor and bay during sunset.

When the skies are clear, you’ll get the chance to see St Thomas, St John, and other neighboring islands!

It’s less than a mile from the boardwalk, and near many incredible restaurants so it’s well worth stopping by. 

11. Hike to Hams Bluff Lighthouse

Visit Hams Bluff Lighthouse to explore a historic lighthouse built in 1915 on top of the mountain.

You can get to the lighthouse by taking a short 15 minute hike up to the hill, and you’ll get priceless views of the sea from the top. 

12. Take cooking lessons from friendly locals

Learn how to cook crab, cassava, and local cuisine by taking cooking lessons.

You’ll get to learn how to cook crabs, dance to local music, sample tropical drinks, eat a crab dinner, and try out desserts!

This tour starts at 5:30 pm, so it’s an excellent way to spend the evening while learning about the culture. 

13. Explore the Christiansted National Historic Site

Stroll around the Christiansted National Historic Site to explore 18th and 19th century forts and buildings.

This 7 acre national park is home to the Old Danish Customs House, Steeple Building, Scale House, and Fort Christiansvaern.

You’ll get incredible views of the ocean from the park, and it’s minutes away from the Christiansted Boardwalk. It’s open daily from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and the entry fee is $10 USD for adults. 

14. Have karaoke night at Sharkey’s Bait Stand

Drop by Sharkey’s bait stand for delicious food at one of St Croix’s hidden gems.

This sports bar has sports TVs, pool tables, taco Tuesdays and karaoke nights on Thursday.

They have great prices and a friendly atmosphere, so it’s worth stopping by for a late night bite. 

15. Listen to live music at a bar 

Head to one of St Croix’s many bars to enjoy music and drinks. Nearly all of the bars in St Croix have live music in the evenings.

Some live music bars you won’t want to miss visiting are Blues’ Backyard BBQ & Grill, and Common Cents Pub.

Blues’ Backyard BBQ & Grill has some of the best food on the island, and they have live music on Fridays around 3pm.

Common Cents Pub has trivia nights, bingo nights, karaoke nights, and live music every Friday. 

For more information, check St Croix’s live music calendar to view all of the live music venues and upcoming events.


Whether you’re looking to stroll the boardwalk or sail during the sunset, St. Croix has plenty of fun things to do at night. 

Note: If you plan on exploring St Croix, make sure to keep insect repellent on hand to prevent mosquito bites. Mosquitos and sand fleas are especially common in St Croix around the beach areas, so you’ll want to get an insect repellent with 30% deet or higher.  

We hope you found this list helpful!

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