Wondering whether to stay at Atlantis or Baha Mar in Nassau, Bahamas? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Atlantis and Baha Mar are the two largest hotel resorts in Nassau that are family-friendly and offer numerous amenities.

So, which place is better to stay?

I have put together this guide on the differences in amenities, cost, location, and more, to help you decide which resort suits you best. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Atlantis and Baha Mar. 

Atlantis vs Baha Mar (Photos by Expedia)
Atlantis vs Baha Mar (Photos by Expedia)

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A Brief Overview Of Atlantis vs Baha Mar

Royal At Atlantis

Paradise Island, Bahamas

8.4/ 10

Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island
  • Aquaventure Water Park and Dolphin Cay
  • 11 outdoor swimming pools with a private beach
  • Has 20 restaurants and 19 bars
  • Located on Paradise Island, 10 minutes over the bridge from Nassau

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Nassau, Bahamas

8.2 / 10

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar
  • Largest Casino in the Caribbean
  • 8 outdoor swimming pools with waterpark
  • Has 10 restaurants and 5 bars
  • Located on Cabbage Beach in Nassau
Atlantis vs Baha Mar

Atlantis At A Glance

The Atlantis At Paradise Island (Photos by Expedia)

Overview Of The Atlantis Resort

With over 400 acres of land, Atlantis is one of the most popular oceanside resorts in the Bahamas. Before delving into the amenities, you should know that the Atlantis has five hotel towers:

The Royal Towers are the classic pink towers you see when you arrive to the Atlantis, near the casinos restaurants, and bars. The Coral Towers, and Royal Towers are located near the entrance, whereas the Reef and The Cove are located on the far side near the beaches.

The Coral Towers, and Royal Towers are right by the waterpark, and the Reef has large suites with full kitchens and a private pool area.

For families, the best tower to stay at is the Royal Towers or the Reef. The Royal Towers are right by the waterpark and aquarium, while The Reef has large suites with full kitchens and a private family-friendly pool area.

If you don’t want to book multiple rooms, the Harborside Resort is another great family-friendly option that offers large apartment style suites.

It’s located outside of the property so you’ll need to take a shuttle to the restaurants and waterpark.

For couples, The Cove offers more upscale suites and has an adults-only pool area so it’s great for a honeymoon.

No matter which tower you stay at, you’ll have access to the same amenities, shopping, and restaurants throughout the resort. The Atlantis has cafes, golf courses, an aquarium, large casino, waterpark, shopping centers, and nighttime venues.

When it comes to amenities, you’ll get to enjoy a gym, spa, yoga, pilates, beach volleyball, water sports, and more.

The Atlantis resort offers a daily buffet breakfast for a fee, and has 20 onsite restaurants and 3 cafes throughout.

Unlike Baha Mar, Atlantis is located on Paradise Island, which is under a 10 minute drive from downtown Nassau.

If staying at the Atlantis, you’ll be in close proximity to Cabbage Beach, Arawak Beach, and other pristine beaches on Paradise Island. 

What Past Guests Have Said

“Our stay was a slice of heaven. The staff is the most wonderful—best service I’ve ever had! There were many pools, our room was clean, guest services were prompt when requested, lifeguards available at every water area. The beach was clean and beautiful. We had free access to a beautiful aquarium and the water park.”

– Sarah (See More Reviews)

Top Tours in Nassau

This is the most popular excursion from Nassau! You’ll go on a short cruise to Rose Island, where you’ll get to swim with pigs on a private beach. The price of the tour covers a buffet lunch, snorkeling equipment, and an open bar with fresh lemonade.

If you’re a foodie that loves rum, book this walking food tour. You’ll get to try conch fritters, and everything from rum-infused chocolate to rum cupcakes while exploring downtown Nassau’s food scene!

Baha Mar At A Glance

The Baha Mar Resort (Photos by Expedia)

Overview of the Baha Mar Resort

The Baha Mar resort consists of three hotels (Grand Hyatt, SLS, and Rosewood), with the Grand Hyatt being the most popular option.

The Grand Hyatt has over 1,000 acres of land, the largest casino in the Caribbean, and tons of family-friendly amenities.

The SLS Baha Mar and Rosewood Baha Mar are more catered to couples, with Rosewood being the most expensive option.

Regardless of which resort you stay at, you’ll have access to the same amenities. 

Similar to Atlantis, Baha Mar has restaurants, cafes, a casino, golf courses, outdoor pools, and direct beach access. 

You’ll get to enjoy 8 outdoor pools, a gym, full-service spa, kayaking, rowing, surfing, mini-golf, and many more great amenities.

Although you can’t swim with dolphins at Baha Mar, they have a wildlife sanctuary where you can interact with nurse sharks, stingrays, and other fascinating marine life.

The resort offers a daily buffet breakfast for a fee, and has 10 restaurants and 3 cafes on site.

It’s located in Goodman Bay, just steps away from Cable Beach so you’ll have direct access to one of the best beaches in the Bahamas. 

What Past Guests Have Said

“Beautiful property!!! Clean and well maintained!!! Extremely pleasant staff!! Immaculate rooms with plenty of space. Beautiful pools- heated which was a plus. Casino is large and lovely. Free drinks were great! Pizza Lab and noodle restaurant were fabulous.. Close to airport.”

– Janine (See More Reviews)

Is the Atlantis or Baha Mar better for a vacation?

The Atlantis and Baha Mar resorts both have plenty of amenities, restaurants, waterparks, casinos, spas, gyms, and more.

What sets Atlantis apart from Baha Mar is that it has a larger waterpark, more dining options, and the chance to swim with dolphins at Dolphin Cay.

On the other hand, Baha Mar has a larger casino and more fine-dining restaurant options. 

The next big difference between the two is location. Atlantis is located just across the bridge of Nassau on Paradise Island.

At Atlantis, you’ll be close to many picturesque beaches, including Cabbage Beach, Cove Beach, and Paradise Beach.

Baha Mar is located on Cable Beach, a popular beach for jet skiing, kayaking, and other water sports.

FAQ: Atlantis vs Baha Mar

Is the Atlantis or Baha Mar cheaper?

The Atlantis and Baha Mar are similarly priced, with the Atlantis being slightly more expensive than the Grand Hyatt for a room.

The rooms at Atlantis range from $270 to $450, while the rooms at SLS Baha Mar range from $280 to $400. 

Ultimately, the cheaper resort will depend on where you eat, and the activities you choose. 

Note: Rosewood Baha Mar is the most expensive resort out of all of the options.

Which resort has better restaurants?

Atlantis has 20 restaurants, with everything from fine-dining restaurants (Nobu) to fast food options (Shake Shack).

Baha Mar has 17 restaurants in total, with plenty of fine-dining and budget options as well.

The Grand Hyatt Baha Mar has a popular Chinese restaurant (Shuang Ba) and noodle bar (Stix), whereas SLS and Rosewood have more upscale restaurants. 

Which resort has the best waterpark?

Atlantis has the best water park. Atlantis’s Aquaventure is 141 acres with over 100 slides, ziplines, and many attractions.

Baha Mar’s Baha Bay Waterpark is still a great water park, but it’s only 15 acres and not as notable as Aquaventure. 

Which resort is better for families?

Atlantis and Baha Mar both offer plenty of kid-friendly amenities including Children’s clubs and water parks with slides and lazy rivers.

However, Atlantis has a larger waterpark, and the chance to swim with dolphins at Dolphin Cay.

Generally speaking Atlantis is more catered to families than Baha Mar. 

Which resort is better for couples?

Both resorts have rooms that cater to couples. At the Atlantis, the best tower to stay at for couples is the Cove, which has upscale hotel rooms and a private adults-only pool.

At Baha Mar, the best hotel to stay at for couples is the SLS Baha Mar or Rosewood Baha Mar.

The SLS Baha Mar has luxury suites and offers private picnics, and private dining for couples.

Additionally, the SLS and Rosewood have more upscale restaurants, with everything from fine-dining steakhouses and Mediterranean restaurants. 

Which place has the best location?

The Atlantis and Baha Mar are both relatively close to downtown Nassau, so they’re near many of the city’s popular attractions.

Atlantis is located on Paradise Island, which has several beautiful beaches and a lively nightlife.

Paradise Island has many beach bars and clubs, including the popular Aura nightclub.

On the other hand, Baha Mar is located on Cable Beach which is one of the best beaches for water sports. 

How far is Baha Mar from Atlantis?

Baha Mar is 9.4 km from Atlantis, which is just around a 20 minute drive. 

Bahamas Travel Planning Guide

What are the best excursions in Nassau?

💧Can you drink the water in Nassau Bahamas?

Yes, the tap water in Nassau is safe and clean to drink. However, I highly recommend and always use a Brita water bottle to filter drinking water when traveling throughout the islands.

Where’s the best place to book accommodations for the Bahamas?

My go-to for booking hotels is Booking.com. For cheaper accommodations and rentals with a homier feel, check out Vrbo.com

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