Wondering what the drinking age in Aruba is? You’ve come to the right place.

The legal drinking age in Aruba is 18 years old or over, which may come as a surprise to visitors from the United States (in which the drinking age is 21 years old).

However, it is quite common for the drinking age to be 18 in the Caribbean. 

Let’s hop into Aruba’s legal drinking laws, including everything you need to know about consuming alcohol in the country. 

What is the legal drinking age in Aruba?

The legal drinking age in Aruba to consume beer, wine, and spirits is 18 years old and over. This differs from the United States where the minimum drinking age is 21 years old.

In Aruba, 18 year olds can purchase and consume alcohol, without needing parental supervision. 

The legal drinking age in Aruba is 18

The legal drinking age throughout all regions in Aruba is 18 years old and up, which includes  De Palm Island.

For an 18 year old to purchase alcohol, they’ll need to present a valid form of ID verifying their age, such as a valid driver’s license or passport. 

Aruba’s Open Container Laws

Aruba does not have any open container laws, which is a major distinction from the United States, and other Caribbean countries.

In Aruba, you can drink in public spaces (beaches, parks, public roads, etc.). Just remember to always properly dispose of bottles, as Aruba’s known for being strict on their littering laws

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What are Aruba’s Littering Laws?

Although Aruba’s not as strict on their drinking laws, it’s important to know their littering laws when visiting.

In Aruba, it’s against the law to leave behind single-use products, bottles, and other trash on beaches and public spaces.

Additionally, the use of single-use plastic bags was banned in Aruba in 2016, so you’ll want to use recyclable bags instead. 

Here are some helpful tips to follow Aruba’s littering laws. 

  • Avoid using single-use plastic bags 
  • Bring reusable items (water bottles, grocery bags, utensils)
  • Always make sure to properly dispose of items when leaving the beach

How old do you need to be to purchase alcohol in Aruba?

The legal age to purchase beer, wine, and spirits in Aruba is 18 years or older, with a valid form of ID verifying age.

People 18 years and up can enter bars and clubs to buy alcohol throughout Aruba. 

How old do you have to be to gamble in Aruba?

The legal age to gamble, and enter clubs in Aruba is 18 years and up.

Always keep a valid form of identification with you on a night out, since club, bar, and casino owners have the right to verify your age when entering. 

Drinking Age In Aruba FAQs

What’s the legal alcohol limit in Aruba?

The legal alcohol limit when driving in Aruba is 50mg per 100ml of blood, which is the equivalent to around one drink.

If you plan on consuming alcohol, make sure to have a designated driver, or rely on taxis and public transportation. Aruba does not have Uber, but taxis and public transportation are widely available. 

Can a 16 year old drink in Aruba?

No, 16 year olds cannot drink alcohol in Aruba since they’re considered minors. A person under the age of 18 is permitted to drink or purchase alcohol, even with parental supervision.

Minors caught underage drinking may face legal consequences, as well as the person responsible for selling them alcohol. 

How strict are Aruba’s drinking laws?

With no open container laws, Aruba is not as strict as other countries in terms of public drinking. However, Aruba has strict laws on drinking and driving.

If a person’s caught violating Aruba’s drunk-driving laws, they can expect serious fines, license suspension, and potentially time in prison. 

Do you need an ID to buy alcohol in Aruba?

Yes, you will need a valid form of identification to verify your age when purchasing alcohol in Aruba such as a driver’s license, passport, or a government issued ID.

How much alcohol can you bring to Aruba?

Aruba allows visitors 19 years and older to bring up to 2.25 liters of wine, 3 liters of beer, or 1 liter of spirits, per person. 

What kind of alcohol do people drink in Aruba?

Aruba is known for their tropical Caribbean rum cocktails, and the beaches are lined with several great beach bars. 

Can you drink on the beach in Aruba?

Yes, you can enjoy a tropical cocktail on the beach in Aruba, as long as you’re over the drinking age (18 years old). 

Is tap water safe to drink in Aruba?

Yes, the tap water is very safe and clean to drink throughout Aruba. Since it’s discouraged to use plastic bottles in Aruba, I recommend bringing a reusable water bottle. 

How much alcohol can you bring back from Aruba?

There’s no set federal limit for the amount of alcohol you can bring back to the US from Aruba.

Travelers over 21 years old can bring up to 1 liter of alcohol back into the US duty–free, and anything over this amount will be subject to IRS taxes. 

For alcohol with 24% to 70% alcohol content, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) limits the amount you can bring on a plane to 5 liters per person. Any alcohol greater than 70 percent is prohibited from plane travel. 

Additionally, there are also state restrictions that limit the type of alcohol you can bring, which vary widely from state to state. 

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